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Edward snowden: leaks that exposed us spy programme

Actually, the NSA knows they were calling each other pretty regularly before you broke up, too. Guess what? Thankfully Aunt Sue doesn't know that either. Let's do some fun NSA "two hop" math: if you have contacts, and those folks have contacts, that's 10, people. The White House!

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What else could the NSA collect under Section ? So who else thinks NSA spying under is bad? This week is dragging on and you can't stop thinking about how your ex is now with your ex best friend. You don't fuck buddy simcoe to attract unwanted attention.

There's lots to do in the days a year our representatives work. Funny you should ask — did we mention that the NSA's phone tracking program was just ruled illegal by a federal appeals court? How do they even ofr this massive intrusion into your life?

Uh, thanks Jack. Well, a federal judge called it Orwellian and likely unconstitutional.

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They know you talked for 20 minutes. Under Sectionan organization's records, papers, and documents could be collected. Your secrets are none of their business!

Looking for some nsa fun for today

You'll only send letters! Don't let this invasion of privacy get five more years to live! The pressure was so high that only one senator looikng against the Patriot Act when it was proposed. Turns out that while your ex wasn't picking up your calls, she was on the phone with your best friend.

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Happy birthday! I mean, you're not a conspiracy nut. Sure, why not!

Let it go Can't sleep and the pills aren't helping? Did we mention how unsavory they are?

Looking for some nsa fun for today

Hey it's your grandpa's 85th birthday. Hopefully no one at the NSA will be telling your bank where you're spending your money. You better start searching for flights online.

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Whaddya think? No one wants the NSA to know about their morning cocktail. Get rid of your GPS. Remember back to ? As adorably archaic as it may sound, the NSA can also collect library records. And that you got an egg and cheese sandwich at the deli the next morning.

Looking for some nsa fun for today

Because at the end of each day, major phone companies hand over to the NSA records of who called whom, when, and for how long. Or maybe they're collecting the E-ZPass information that registered when you crossed the bridge.

Looking for some nsa fun for today

That could be tracked. Why is your private life the government's business? Do you think the NSA has put together the Viagra prescription you never got filled with your ex's frequent phone calls to your best buddy? It's a dark place to be in, made worse if the NSA knows about your call to foe suicide hotline.

When it comes to self-help, they can also track your reading habits: including that online search for "massage therapy for stress" which takes you to some very not-safe-for-work websites.

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They know that, too. Could salvation from an all-seeing surveillance apparatus be around the corner? I mean Congress is so busy. Jack says it's time for you to jump back in the saddle and try some online dating. Because under Section or related Patriot Act provisions, the NSA may also be collecting your cell phone location information. There's this awesome thing called "two hop" collection under Section Especially a law called the 'Patriot Act'.

Maybe you should just let it [Section of the Patriot Act] go. With Premium Bonds, there is no interest earned.

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You might want to consider using cash and a burner phone. The NSA also collects information about communications between faith leaders and congregants! Ever made a bad decision and wished you could reverse it?

Good thing you called your skme and scheduled an emergency midday session. That night you drunk-dialed your ex? Since you're never far from your cellphone, the NSA could come along for the ride.

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